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 Self-love and success is a transformational journey that will give you the foundational skills and tools to align to self-love and success. 

To find deep fulfillment internally and externally in your life, when you start creating the things you desire in your life from a centered place this creates the satisfaction you have been chasing.

Taking you on a powerful holistic process to live a life you love. Holistic meaning that we do not leave any part of our life out. You will learn how to look physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at your life and this is how you will create lasting change in your life 

  • You will get clarity on your true desires and success
  • You will get connected to your personal needs and intuition
  • You will shift out of old sabotage patterns and cultivate the courage to create change 
  • You will learn how to create emotional stability and alchemy and use your emotions as your super power
  • You will discover self love, compassion and acceptance that support you to take action

 Because these our foundational life changing skills when you implement these teaching it can positively impact every area of your life from business, to money, to relationships

What is in the course


    2. Set yourself up for success

    3. BONUS - Self-Love & Success Introduction

    1. What you need to become self-loving & successful

    2. Harnessing your successful & self-loving vision

    3. BONUS - Week 1 Workshop replay

    1. Success Mindset and mastering your energy

    1. Mastering your emotions & creating alchemy

    2. Emotional Alchemy Expression

    3. BONUS - Week 2 Workshop - replay

    4. BONUS - Week 2 Workshop replay - part 2

    1. Mastering your triggers and reaction

    2. Understanding your karmic cycle

    3. BONUS - Week 3 Workshop Replay

    1. Practicing true self-love & acceptance

    2. BONUS - Week 4 Workshop Replay

Self love & success will transform your life

  • $555.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

Here it from our clients

“Working with Kristy and being a part of her programs has literally changed my life. Life felt like I was carrying a heavy weight uphill before and now I can't believe how euphoric I feel - IT IS EPIC. I am stable, content, happy, curious, abundant, in love and excited. I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be and my life, my family, my relationships are better for it. I would have paid 10x the price for what I have got for myself”


“I have noticed such a big shift in my awareness and my heart space. I don't really get triggered by things anymore. I am lighter, calmer, more cheeky, and have so much more joy in my everyday life. I have achieved things that I never thought were possible in my wildest dreams and made great friends too. All the elements that Kristy provides in her programs are next level and have allowed me to heal and transform my mind, body and soul.”


“I had dealt with this "not good enough" my whole life, it ran EVERYTHING. I now feel like there is nothing to fix about myself, my body and my life. The confidence I have now inside of myself, my voice and in every area of my life has made the biggest difference to me and my family.”


“I have become more sure of myself, trust myself, my intuition and guidance. I have made a lot of progress with work, friendships, my health and my boundaries I have achieved many breakthroughs. One of which was the stress of money and feeling slightly lost and unsure of my direction. After working with Kristy's techniques, I received a call about a life-changing sum of money that was coming to me (which there had never been previous mention of before).”


Discover deep fulfillment internally and externally